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Introducing, your 2020 virtual Boston Marathon runners!

2020 has certainly been a unique year for running (and life in general), but if anyone is positioned to handle the challenges that come along with an unpredictable global pandemic, it is our sisters! This year, the Sole Sisters Running Club is proud to have several of our members participating in the first-ever VIRTUAL Boston Marathon. Whether running for charity or for the personal challenge (or both!), we are proud of our members and their accomplishments. We cannot wait to cheer them on as they take their historic race to the local streets. BEST OF LUCK to all of our Sole Sisters as they tackle this one-of-a-kind race!


Stephanie Rossi

Stephanie has been a runner through her adult life, and will be running this race as her 2nd marathon. In her very first race at BayState, she qualified to run Boston this year. Stephanie has run for ever-evolving reasons over the years, and she now sees it as a way to stay both mentally and physically strong. As an added bonus, as Stephanie says… “No one can really give you a hard time when asked what you did this past weekend. ‘I ran 26.2 miles for fun m**ther f##cker.’"


Stephanie’s advice: “Running will always be there for you, whether you take a day off, a week off, a year off. Don't over think it, just run!” 


Jen Bolanos

Jen started running in high school. This historic race will be her 13th marathon and her 4th Boston. Jen is running for the UMASS Medical Center Cellucci Fund, which raises money for ALS, in memory of Paul Lydon. Paul lost his battle with ALS 10 years ago, leaving behind Jen’s good friend Alice and their four wonderful children.


Jen runs for a few reasons: to exercise, to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to show her kids that staying active is important. She also runs to be social, and truly enjoys running and chatting with friends. “It is the best therapy around!”

Jen’s advice: “My advice would be to not get caught up in speed. Run for yourself. Run at your own pace and run the distance you feel most comfortable with. Make running fun! Thanks to all the SS for their continued support!”


Kristina Ouellette

Kristina started running 6 years ago, in the spring of 2014. This race will be her 3rd marathon and 2nd Boston, and she is running as a qualifier this year. Kristina started running simply as a way to stay healthy. Once she raced her first 5K back in 2014, she never looked back, continuing to set goals for herself until she worked up to running a full marathon. As Kristina says, “Joining an awesome running club like the Sole Sisters and meeting such wonderful and inspirational women has definitely made running more fun!”

Kristina’s advice: “Just have fun with it! Set reasonable goals for yourself, have fun, and run with friends when you can.”


Amy Panichella

Amy began running a bit in high school, and continued in college as a way to relieve stress. After she had her first child 12 years ago, she focused more on working out in general, and she has been running much more consistently ever since. As she approached her own 40th birthday, she decided to run a marathon, and she trained with the SSRC First Time Marathoners (under Coach Carmela) to run the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon. This is Amy’s 2nd marathon, and first Boston. Amy’s dad, who set the example by starting his own fitness goals in his forties, has now run Boston multiple times; Amy decided to run for charity so she could finally run a marathon by his side. She is running for Cradles to Crayons, an organization that she cares very deeply about:


Amy’s advice: “Never underestimate yourself… there is no better feeling than actually accomplishing something you doubted you could do!”  


Kristen Kelley

Kristen has been a runner for 8 years, having started around age 40 after losing a significant amount of weight. This will be her first Boston and 2nd overall marathon. Kristen is representing the Sole Sisters Running Club, running under one of our Invitational bibs granted by the Boston Athletic Association. She began running because it fit into her lifestyle the best, but now she runs primarily to stay fit, but also for the routine, challenge, wellness, and the comradery.

Kristen’s advice: “Try to enjoy being injured. It always stinks when you can't run, but it gives you the opportunity to try other things and be with other people. It's usually short lived and you'll be back running before you know it. So get some sleep, get on the bike, get in the pool, go for walks, lift weights, donate blood, whatever... Make lemonade out of lemons and just enjoy it!”


Kim O’Hanlon

Kim was never really a runner until she joined Sole Sisters. She ran occasional 5Ks and even briefly joined her high school track team, but it never clicked for her as a passion. In fact, she used to hate it when she had to run as part of rowing practice in college! She now runs “because I can and for those that can't, for a time to think, and I like seeing what I'm capable of.” This race will be Kim’s first-ever marathon, and she is running for a very personal reason. Kim’s son, Max, was diagnosed with Krabbe Disease, a rare degenerative neurological disease, when he was an infant. He sadly passed away after the disease took its course. Max is a big reason why Kim runs, and in his honor, she is running Boston to raise money for Tufts Medical Center. “We spent a good amount of time there with Max there and I'm so happy to give back.”


Kim’s advice: “Respect the 'easy' run. Not every run needs to be a huge effort, which is so freeing. Advice I would give is to make sure you take that 'you' time! It makes you a better mother, wife, caregiver, whatever.”

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